July 4, 2011

Heat Exhaustion?

Last week temps averaged around 98 degrees (In the Shade) and this past Saturday peaked out at 102 f.  Things are so dry and HOT here in Houston that the entire county banned all fireworks and the sales there of.  Poor fireworks dealers, looks kinda weird driving down the county roads and not one fireworks stand!  Life has succumbed to staying in the ac'd home or car or office.  As pitiful as it may be and just to stifle our cabin fever that wonderfully gifted spouse of mine splurged 30 bucks and brought home our very first pool.

Not much to look at and I can only imagine what four grown-ups look like laying down in 24 inches of water.  Neighbors already think I'm a little strange, so this otta really give something to talk about. Heck, I don't care.  It's hot, all the lakes are at 90 plus water temps and the thought of getting out on the 120 plus degree concrete on two wheels is just not there.  Since Cy blew his starter solenoid and his old metal main fuse I think we'll just sit this hot spell out, continue to let the seafoam soak through those gummed up carbs and pray for cooler weather by, oh lets saaaaaay mid November!  God I hope sooner than that.  Those of you can ride in some sort of sensible climate ride a few for me.  Have a great fourth and God bless those of you who've fought for the freedoms we so often take for granted. 


  1. Man I can't imagine that kind of temperature! We very occasionally get a brief heatwave and I have been out on the road when my guage registered 45c (113f) and I nearly died from dehydration! You have my sympathy, we are now experiencing our winter and although it has been harsh this past weekend was glorious and bikers were out in their hundreds. South Africa is biker heaven!

  2. Chigger,

    Dear lord man, that's just too hot. It's September already! I think all you need is a box fan and you have what I've head called a 'redneck air conditioiner." Hey, if it gets that hot, I'm not above sitting in a kiddie pool with a fan. Just don't mix the two.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  3. Hey Brady,
    Good to hear from you! Now that September is hear in Houston we've settled into a mild 100 to 105 degree days. Add on 98 to 100% humidity and you gotten as close to hell as I care to be. There has been one good outcome through all this, The Mrs has realized that the only place she wants to retire to in a few years is central Texas up on Guadalupe River or Canyon Lake area. The Guad river water below the dam stays at a cool 50 to 60 degress all year long. The lake can get as high as mid 80's but that still cool enough for me.
    Hows things in your area been?