September 24, 2013

Time Travel To The Present

Just as implied by the title a considerable amount of time has past since I last blogged so let me start with just a few brief events in the years of the recent past. Three "Major" life events have come to past for the Ms. and I. We've had two beautiful grandchildren arrive in all their splendor.
Mason was our first
He's seems to be a clown and we really enjoy the time spent with him. Our second angel was a perfect little girl, Caroline Grace.


Next big event revolved around a years worth of planning and planning and then some more planning. When July of 2013 arrived we finally had the biggest wedding shindig I believe I've ever seen, let alone be a part of. 250 + people gathered for a one night extravaganza and witness the marriage of our little daughter Rachel.

It truly was an event to behold and such a privilege to be a part of. After it was all said and done we had many attendees mention how lovely and special the wedding was. So out of the four children we have be one left. Empty nest is coming sooner or later, I suspect. While we've managed all these things and still maintained full-time jobs my better half and I may be just a few short years away from retirement. Her with 39 + years and I'll end up with around 22, both working as government employees. Then I think we'll both head to the lake PERMINENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!