September 29, 2010

Riding In Contemplation

8/27/2010- 165 miles
This ride report is short and probably too much to the point.  The Ms. ended up going in to work this morning which left me up early to an empty, silent house.  After the usual blast of coffee and a quick look at the tube to see what the weather had in store for the day, I packed up the Cypress 86er and headed out.  No plan, no place in particular to ride to, I just knew I wasn’t gona sit around the house and be a TV zombie today.  Reaching Barker Cypress Road the world was in full swing. Traffic congestion was in full swing for the usual school morning rush madness. That made grabbing some fuel and getting out of town a top priority.  With that completed I cruised west out FM529 into the cool morning air and contemplating where would my journey be to today. Bellville? Nope. Maybe San Felipe? Too far. Anderson? Been there to many times. Pulling on the cruise control at a comfortable 65mph, a thought came to mind.  A run by the father-in-laws, 1488 ranch would be a good ride. Yep, that'll be the first point  to drive to and figure the rest out from there.The ride through Waller on Hwy 362 was peaceful with little to no traffic. Turning west on FM1488 the run past the ranch proved that neglect had taken its toll on the place. But I guess that can be expected when no one’s been there for several months. Ranching ain't never been something you can do at your leasure or in between out of state vacations. But I can't complain, it's been as source of extra money for about four years for me. Continuing out 1488 I came upon a Historical Marker sign just before Wyatt Chapel Rd.  Back at the beginning of this summer I started a haphazard ride plan to visited and photograph as many Texas Historical Markers as I could. So here was one more I could chronicle.  It turns out this marker is located at the entrance to the Liendo Plantation. History of the plantation can be found at this web site,  
Let’s get back to the historical marker.  It explained that after the civil war General George Custer and his wife had spent time on this plantation.


September 28, 2010

The History of Me

I'll start with my family heritage of English, German and Cherokee as an excuse for the mixed up way I am. That being said I was born a Hoosier in Greenfield Ind. and for the next several years we moved from state to state as my father progress his way through college and the Mo-Pac Railroad. At the end of second grade we finally settled in St Louis, Missouri where I crashed my way through 10 plus years of public schools. Considering this to be era of 1965 to 1975, school was not my thing at all. I was in to more adventurous things like singing and playing in a local rock band and seeing just how far I could push my parents. And push indeed I did! Those late nights gigs, the groupies and the self induced drug/alcohol coma's I put myself into soon put me at odds with the "By the Book" Baptist family image my dad tried so hard to maintain. I even went as far as to buy a bike just to show him who was boss of my life.

I was a real rebel on my 350
As everyone knows all things must come to an end at some point and so it was with my party days in Missouri in the mid seventies. A brief stint in Uncle Sam's Navy and then a solo move to San Francisco put me right back into the party scene. Here's where the story turns to motorcycle riding.