February 25, 2011

Finally Tackling The "Need To Do's".

Since the Cypress 86er sale a few months ago and the siege of what Texians call winter, theres not been much riding for this old fart.  But I have to say that these few cool weeks have afforded me the chance to get busy and do some of the projects I'd promise myself and my wonderful spouse that I'd do.  We've built a storage building out back, set up and used our first meat smoker, built several standalone shelves and a huge wooden box from scratch.  I've also managed to cleared out a two car garage enough to be able to park my pickup inside for the first time.  I still haven't touch the 82 cb900 custom yet and the day times round here are starting to settle into the early Texas spring season.  I feel the itch but it hasn't gotten too bad, yet!  A couple more projects to complete and then the attention will go full force on the 900.  I recently overheard a couple of relatives mentioning that they would be riding down to Big Bend come this April.  Man, if I could swing that I'd be on cloud nine.  But for now it's gona have to remain a good night time dream. Hope winter ends soon for you folks in the deep freeze areas.

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